Thursday, November 4, 2010


Guess who ate me some snails tonight? thats right: ME!

aha! they were actually not as disgusting as i had imagined. with a TON of butter and some flavoring stuff, they are surprisingly delicious. but i swear, they are the ugliest things ive ever seen! and a little off-putting to first time eaters. well, and mussels too, but were not talking about that now. ahaha! just thought id share that with you guys ;)

LOVE YOU BOTH! talk soon :)


  1. Haha eeeew. There's not enough money in the world to get me to eat a snail. lol

  2. Not gona lie Katie, that sounds discusting haha

  3. aha! yeah, it does, but they are not half bad. im even proud of myself for eating them! ahah! that would have been embarrassing if i threw up snail guts all over my host family. lol! and Sam, aha! im just giving you a hard time! i bet your a excellent driver!! :) and i agree, people can be super stupid.. ;)