Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I don't know if you guys have heard much about the royal wedding at all but it was today. It started at 4:00 am here because of the time difference so my mom was watching it when I got up for school. I missed he ceremony part, but I saw the part where they were just parading down the street going to that balcony thing. My mom said that she was waiting for the royal kiss, which is done on the balcony thing. So I was like oh hey! I want to see that too! So I sat around all morning instead of getting ready for school just waiting for them to get there in their carriage. Around 6:40 I was still waiting and waiting and at that point I'm like "Okay, are they ever gunna get there??" And by the time I finally had to leave for school they still hadn't done the royal kiss! Can you believe that? I wasted my whole morning watching them just smile and wave. lol. So I was a little disappointed. And then Ryan Seacrest posted the Royal Kiss video on facebook so I watched it. This is what I was waiting for the entire morning:

All that hype for that? Haha. It was still sweet though. lol

I don't know how royal wedding work so maybe a romantic kiss isn't proper or something. I just couldn't believe that was it. Maybe I'm just weird. lol.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


wow, its been a while since ive posted on our blog guys and im sorry about that!

i dont actually have anything exciting to say, so sorry to get you all excited for posting for nothing, BUT i just thought id post a message to tell you guys i love you and miss you and all that jazz:D and that SAM! i finished the interview with Robert Pattinson! oh my gosh, just about the funniest thing ive ever seen! i cracked up laughing, especially on how he can talk for so long about nothing at all and how everyone thinks its charming! hahahaha! well have to talk about that soon too:) and Mac-daddy, im dying to know news, so asap, give us some, okay? im waiting to hear you havent died paragliding and if you have.. well.. that would be very sad.. ;)

lator gators! love much<3

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

First of all, Happy Easter! Second of all, I have another present for you. It's a deleted scene from Clockwork Prince:

I think I'm more anxious for this book to come out more than anything else!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My car is falling apart!

Do you want to hear what happened to me on the way to school today?? Of course you do.

Okay, it had been thundering and pouring down rain all morning. So, naturally, when I got in my car I turned on my windsheild wipers. I was driving down the street, nothing unusual, when all of the sudden (insert long dramatic pause here) I heard a huge CRACK! And then my right windsheild wiper was gone. It startled me soo bad I almost peed myself. Haha. My windsheild wiper just flew off! That would happen to me. I'm pretty sure it isn't normal. So anyway, I drove the rest of the way to school in the rain with only one working windsheild wiper. Soo random.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Host

Did you guys know that they are making The Host a movie?? I had no idea! Everything's becoming a movie! What is up? haha. I guess that's a good thing though! I don't think they have anybody casted yet though. I think it's safe to assume that every popular book (especially YA books) will eventually be made into a movie. lol.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I would like to make it public knowledge that I have received the notebook safely and it will be going around the South of Ghana with me! Don't worry, though, Katie. I won't keep it too long. I was so super excited to get it, you two don't even know. I practically ran home with it!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Jump and Shoot

Serina! I was so proud of her! We sang Justin Bieber to helpher get across. lol.
Venture crew went to Beaumount this weekend for shooting and high/low ropes course! I only came Saturday night so I could do the high ropes course on Sunday! But it was still really fun! I'm getting better at the high ropes, I was only scared at the end when you have to get on your stomach. I hate that part. It's so painful for me! Except I decided I hate the challenge course. I realized I have trust issues. lol. You know the one with the giant wall where people have to lift you over? Yeah, well for some reason that one really freaked me out. I was soooo scared that I refused to finish. Which is weird because I've done it before last summer at confir camp with no problem. Well, anyway, on saturday night we watched The Italian Job on the projector outside and I didn't even fall asleep this time! And you know the bathrooms by the horse stables? Yeah, well we had to use those and guess what? There were bajillions of wasps and bees in there. It took me a good 10 minutes to go in there. And even then Serina and Savannah had to push me in and protect me. haha. I hate bugs!

Also! Mackenzie, I got the bracelet (brain fart, I can't remember how to spell bracelet? braclet?) and the necklace! I love them! Thank you so much! =]

Be Excited!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Guess what children!!! Im going PARAGLIDING! There is like some big paragliding festival in the South of Ghana over the Easter holiday! How convenient that ill he there then. right? haha and if you have no idea what paragliding is don't worry. I didn't either! but its a little like parasailing and a little like hang gliding. Yahoo!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Just Finished City of Fallen Angels!!

It was sooo good! I finished it last night! But the end was a MAJOR cliff hanger, so beware! I really need to stop getting myself attatched to all these unfinished series. The drawn out suspense is so painful! haha. I can't wait for you guys to read it so we can all have a major discussion! There's plenty of romantic/hot and steamy Clary/Jace scenes, so you guys will be just as please as I am. It is also balanced out with some epic action, which is always awesome! My only complaint is that I miss Jace's sarcasticness. In the other 3 books he had all these hilarious comebacks and comments because his guard was up or whatever. In this one his guard is more down and there is less of the snarkiness (if that's the correct word.) Although Simon sort of made up for the sarcastic comments. You get to know him a lot more in this book. Talking about it with out giving anything away is torturing me so I better stop there!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Who's playing Who?


i super dont know how to feel about these decisions.. lol. they'll have a lot of work to do to make them look right, and i dont know if their acting is up to scratch, but it was literally just announced on april 4th that Josh Hutcherson will play Peeta, Jennifer Lawrence will play Katniss, and Liam Hemsworth will play Gale in The Hunger Games Movie...

you all remember JH from The Bridge of Teribitha, LH from The Last Song, and who the heck knows what other movies Jennifer Lawrence has been in?? ive never heard of her until now.. lol.

anyways, thought you guys would be interested to know.. go to google, type their names in, and see for yourself!! hahahaha! then come here and comment:)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Day Without Shoes

Did you guys know that today was TOMS no shoes day? I was always mad because it's always on a week day when we have school. So I didn't think I could do it because I thought I couldn't walk around school with no shoes. But it turns out someone talked to our principal and convinced him to allow no shoes. I don't know how they did it because my principle is all wack. haha. So there was a bunch of people walking around with out shoes! It was awesome! AND! I get City of Fallen Angels today! But I have to wait for mi madre to get home because she has a 30% off coupon. I like to save money, but I hate waiting! AHHHH! I hope Barnes and Noble doesn't sell out before 6:30 because now that Borders closed we only have ONE book store! UNO!! PORQUE!?! lol. I'm in a Spanish mood today. Love you guys!