Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Just Finished City of Fallen Angels!!

It was sooo good! I finished it last night! But the end was a MAJOR cliff hanger, so beware! I really need to stop getting myself attatched to all these unfinished series. The drawn out suspense is so painful! haha. I can't wait for you guys to read it so we can all have a major discussion! There's plenty of romantic/hot and steamy Clary/Jace scenes, so you guys will be just as please as I am. It is also balanced out with some epic action, which is always awesome! My only complaint is that I miss Jace's sarcasticness. In the other 3 books he had all these hilarious comebacks and comments because his guard was up or whatever. In this one his guard is more down and there is less of the snarkiness (if that's the correct word.) Although Simon sort of made up for the sarcastic comments. You get to know him a lot more in this book. Talking about it with out giving anything away is torturing me so I better stop there!

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