Tuesday, May 31, 2011

City of Bones

GUYS! They finally casted Jace!!! Apparently it's some guy named Jamie Campell-Bower. Although I'm glad they finally casted someone besides Clary, I'm also somewhat concerned...

Go ahead... google image it. I'll wait.


Okay, now do you see my concern? In some of those pictures I couldn't even tell if he was a man or a woman. And he's got one of those either-way names. It's just that...well... I alwas thought Jace was like, the manly-est man ever. I really hope this movie turns out good! I really really really hope it turns out good! We can discuss when we skype on Thursday... Hopefully we're still skyping Thursday? I haven't heard otherwise! =]

Now I'm going to rant. Guess what sucks?
1. Next year they are taking a week off Christmas break at my school.
2.They are also taking away Easter break.
3. The seniors don't get out any earlier than everybody else.

Whose brilliant idea was all of this?? Someone who is prepared for angry mobs of highschool students on their doorstep I hope.They would change things for the worse just for MY senior year. Just my luck. All I gotta say is after cutting ALL of our breaks we better get out pretty dang early! My school is jank. That is all.

Okay, I couldn't help myself. I just want to make sure we are seeing the same person. Are you seeing a boy or a girl? In this particular picture I see a girl. Apparently Cassandra Clare loves him and thought his audition was fantastic. I'm seriously hoping I can trust her. I mean, she wrot the book so she has the best jugdment.. right? RIGHT?! Please tell me I'm right. I'm concerned. lol.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hey Girlies

Hey guys! I just want say I miss you guys so much. Like seriously, you guys are the bestest. I cannot wait to see you this summer. I love you guys bunches!

Talk to you on Thursday!