Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Holy crabcakes we got another flag! It's Taiwan! We're basically awesome now. We've gone world wide. haha.

Katie, how's school? And running on a path in gym class? And writing on that wack graph paper? lol. I hope it's going good! We're really going to miss you at the Fall Fun Rally this weekend! We need to skype again VERY soon! Because I miss your beautiful face! You should make sure your online around the same time on Sunday... cuz me and Mac should probably be back by then. =]
I love you!

P.S. If you don't some way some how get pictures on soon imma tell tu madre on you, and tell her to send you your camera cord! lol. Yeah... I went there. =]


  1. oh my goodnesss! we are officially awesome now! aha! go us for entertaining kids all over the world! :) aha, school is going okay. yeah, running on the same path at gym basically sucks, but you really likes gym class? aha! and i know, right? that paper is really screwing with me! aha! i guess itll take some getting use to... aww i miss it tooo! youll have to tell me all about it when we skype! and for sure, ill be on skype tonight (for me) and you better be there too! aha! yay! i love you aussi!! aha! and we can talk about the second iron king!! yay!

    ps. oh man, please dont tell her yet. aha! im so disorganized here and i might actually have it afterall, but cant locate it currently. hopefully the small amount of pics from other people have made you happy until then! aha! shell be so not happy with me either.. ahaahahah! :)

  2. but also!! look at how many people from the US we have!! and Belgium! thats so awesome as well! aha! i mean, 124? sweeeet! :)