Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hey guys! aha, i really hope you guys read the comments on our blog (and mine too) because thats how i respond to a lot of the posts and things when i dont have time to actually post anything.. ahh, well, im telling you now, so READ THEM! aha!

i love the new playlist, Sam! as youll read in my commment of that post, im sad the Bieber Fever is over because that made my life, buuuuut this is just as good :) as i also said, i love your short-lived music obsessions! i can never wait to hear the next one!

Okay, well lets get to the real reason for this post. Today was my first day at school, and boy oh boy, do i want to shoot myself now. not really, but i hope you can pick up on the sarcasm. lol. i didnt know what class level i was in or my electives! aha, can i get any dumber? but to my defense, my family never told me and i never thought to ask.. oh well, i suppose.. whats done is done, although once classes start i still have no idea what im doing. moving classroms? staying? who knows! i guess im just so used to South being so enthusiastic and, for a lack of a better word, "into" exchangers, that it was almost surprising when this school really isnt.. it was terrifying and embarrassing, but, im hoping that with time, it wont be so scary. i mean, i wasnt expecting a smooth ride, but you know.. :/

for now though, i just feel so out of place. this school is the best around, so thats a good thing. at least i know im getting a good education. social lives arent that important.. right? lol. and for your info, i would hardly call today "the first day," because there were no classes! aha. it was just to come, get in your classes, double check your schedule (that i still have to fix by the way), and then go home! i was there all but maybe 3 hours, at most. it was so different, but i did meet a few very nice and sympathetic people who helped me along the way. but guess whats the best part?? tomorrow, im goin' on a field trip! :) ahah! we're going to Ghent, or Gand as they say in French, which is a town/region in the Flemish part of Belgium. Gotta love field trips the second day of school, right? i know i dooo! ;)

Talk to me, guys. i miss ya. i also had both of you with me every step of the way today. i wore the flower ring that we all have :)

also, one of these sundays or so, we skype, vrai???? :)

and last thing, Mackenzie, darling, where are your postings??? ;)

Au Revoir for now,


  1. and read my other blog for classes im taking! ;)

  2. Ohhhh trust me, my Bieber Fever still lives! I listen to Baby ALL the time. It just never gets old. And I can almost do Ludacris's rap part as well as Jayden Smiths. I'm working on it. Haha. And I'm sorry your first day was rough!! But I'm sure things will be easier and go more smoothly once you're used to it! :) how's your French coming along?

  3. oh, good good! im super glad to hear it still lives! lol! really?? thats awesome! i want to hear it! when your ready, vlog it to me! aha! yeah, me too, but it was totally to be expected. and yes, hopefully in a few months, it wont suck as much. aha! its..coming. aha. i can read more than i can say and i get really shy around new people, but my family is helpful and i can understand a little bit, especially if they speak real real slow..! lol! and just a observation, but look at all the people reading our blog!! but sad, no followers. but dont worry! well get them sooon! aha! ;) love ya girlies!

  4. If it makes you feel any better I can't understand anything Mrs. Ovlias saying. Not even when she speaks real slow haha. And Sam I want to hear this rap! haha

    Love you and we'll vlog this weekend

  5. ahaha! yes, thats a little comforting. thanks, man. yes, i think it agreed to hear this lovely rap of yours, Sam! yay, good, cant wait :)