Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hola! Como estas?

Helloooooo. Katie, your post made me uber happy! I can't wait to hear more of your fabulous Belgian experiences. Mac and I both miss you dearly! Okay, so, you know how the church apparently wants to go to Haiti for the mission trip next summer? I wanna go SOOOOO bad! That would be amazing. If I loved Puerto Rico, then I bet I would love a bigger mission trip 10 times more! I can't wait! I hope I can convince my mom to let me and Lexi go. And I hope both of you are back in time to go too! =]

So, do you want to hear my current playlist? As Kenzie knows, I've recently developed an obsession with Jason Mraz. He's so awesome. I really like John Mayer too. So hear it goes (In no specific order): <--Ahah, thats not meant to be a sad face :
1. If it's Love - Train (Katie, thats the song we heard in your car that one time!)
2. In your Atmosphere - John Mayer
3. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - John Mayer
4. Plane - Jason Mraz (I adore this song!)
5. One Love - Jason Mraz
6. Life is Wonderful - Jason Mraz
7. Hey Love - Jason Mraz
8. Brothers and Sisters - Dave Barnes (That was on the Toms A Day Without Shoes youtube video)


  1. im so glad it made you happy! thats what i love for ;) and oh man, i know it! i want to go sooo badly also!! and i think i might be about too because if i go off the dates from Kenya, the mission trip was in late July and i get home in early July and my mom said i could go if i am home in time!! i hope you guys can too! that would truly be an experience together :) ahahah! Sam, i love love your short-lived, music obsessions! they crack me up! and by the way, i love like 98% of those songs too! aha! yay us! and what, no more Bieber fever?? ;)

  2. Who are you Kidding? Bieber fever is one fever you can't sweat out.... Hahahah, that was so lame.

  3. Ok if we can go on this mission trip then we're going. period. because I really, really, really want to. That would be like the coolest sam, katie , and mac welcome-back-together ever!

  4. ahah! noo, Sam, im happy its still alive and HOT! aha! and you said it, Mac, best. reunion. EVER! ;)