Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1st Day Back at School

Katie, you left today and I'm hoping you're having a good trip so far. Good luck on all those airplanes! lol. And Mac, you have yet to post anything, just saying... lol.

Well today was my first day as a junior in highschool. Gosh, I feel old. It's way different this year because my school decided to make the schedule all wack. We have 7 hours a day now except block scheduling on Thursdays and Fridays. Except most thursdays we'll have an early release? It's weird. Espcially since in past years we had the plain and simple 6 hours a day. And now I have all these different lunches, it's insane. My classes are different this year too now that I got all my required classes out of the way. So I decided to take art as a junior. Yeah, bad idea. I walked into that class room and didn't recognize one single face. And do you know why that is? Because they stuck me with a bunch of annoying freshman (no offence to any lower classmen who may or may nt be reading this, don't take it personally.) I'm litterly the only junior in there. every single one of them is a freshman. BOO! It's gunna be a loooooooong year.


  1. aha! aww, i love you, Sambo! im sorry, your first day sounds a little rocky, but hopefully youll fall into a rythum soon! and hey, maybe youll become friends with some of those freshmen :) ill be sure to post and add pics too, soon. sorry, been busy lately, but later ill get up to speed. and yes, the plane rides were looong, but worth it to be in Belgium :) Talk to ya soon K

  2. and yes, Mac, i agree with sam that you should update!! ;)

  3. Ewe! The freshmen are majorly annoying! Especially the chick that sits next to me, she's sooo ditzy! lol. But whatevs, its just one class I suppose. haha. And I'm eagerly awaiting your photographic documentation! =]