Monday, August 30, 2010


Bonjour everybody, all the way from Belgium! :)

i know i know, Sam and Kenzie (and others) you want pictures! ill be sure to put some up soon! but for right now, ill just add a post and hopefully it will suffice for a bit. :)

i want to see Vampires Suck too! it looks so funny! aha. i saw the Sorcerer's Apprentice in french (duh) the other day and that was.. interesting! aha. i have no hope for the future that i will ever be able to learn french well enough to watch a movie without english subtitles, which kinda stinks cause im in a french speaking country for a year... lol. ;)

yes, my family has horses and they are super cute! i already love them. i went to the market, and upon your request Sam and Mac, there were clothes, food (lots of fruits and veggies and candy, delicious Belgian foods, etc..), toys, lots of things really.. it was cool to just walk around and look at it all! aha! yes, i will defenitely show you my wonderful European clothes.. once i buy some. aha. i might even be both your best friend and send you some too! ;) lol.

well, what else was there... my family took me to McDonald's to eat a few night ago! aha! i thought that was awesome.. and i started to go to the gym with my sister in the evenings.. i know, right? me at a gym? the impossible has just become possible! aha! let me know which other questions you have :)

please please guys, keep up the vlogs. i love them! :) and im so glad you liked Sunday's at Tiffany's! i knew you would!

Love ya guys!
Talk to ya soon!


  1. Katie!!!!

    Im so jelous of your Belgian horses!And Belgian markets! And Belgian clothes! and Belgian McDonalds! I don't think im jelous of the gym though haha Im just far too lazy. Its good to hear that you're having a wonderful time! We want to hear about church too! similar or different from ours?

    Love you Bunches

  2. ohhh fancy belgian european clothes!! Yay! Woot woot! Our Katie's working out! When you get back you can blow us all away with your newly aquired bench pressing skillz! And I'm willing to bet my cat's life (Stanley) that you will return a french speaking machine. You've got a year to learn! Are you starting to catch on a little? I hope so! And for sure expect another vlog this weekend. I love you ALOT LOT!

  3. aha! yes, all those things are awesome, but now im terrified about school tomorrow. they were trying to explain it to me, but i didnt understand and now i think that i have to take the train home from school.. alone!! ahh! im so scared! and yeah, i didnt think it possible for me to go to a gym and trust me, it was not my idea, buuut i just go when my sister wants too and thats good, i suppose. lol. oh yeahh! church! it was for sure different than ours. very traditional and i couldnt understand a word, aha, but some church is better than no church, right? but im going to still go back, even though its a catholic service. as i said, some is better than none, right? :) aha! oh yeahh, clothes and bench pressing skills! thats what im made of! lolololol! i certainly hope so for the french. it seems bleak at the moment. i think thats the one thing thats making this not such a fun time, but i just have to stick it out. i actually can catch a little.. ive been watching tv and its funny because i get super excited when i hear little things that i dont have to think about, like listen to me, there you go, phrases like that! aha. good! i love love loved the vlog! you guys are awesome. i love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much! (if you could see my arms, they would be open spread eagle! plus more! lol) love youu! K

  4. and i love the side by side friends forever icon! it explains us perfectly :)