Sunday, August 29, 2010


Katie here is our first vlog! Expect one once a week! We love you katie. Have the best year ever!

Melissa came over and we took a few pictures so you would remember us.

We are vampires (sorry we didn't tell you).

We Love you and we're praying for you.


  1. OH MY GOSH, GUYS!! i love you soo much!! well, more like bunches, really. ;) yes, my family has horses! it was awesome! the names are Yankee and Myrianna. (not spelling those right, but whateves! lol) my reading has been good! im going to read the second Iron King when i receive it and the 3rd hunger games when i get it, too! i hope it was as good as we hoped for it to be! i know i know, you want pictures.. ill be sure to post some soon! i actually havent really taken a lot, but i will! i promise! and please please keep your promise and make lots and lots of vlogs! i almost started crying because i love you too so much! and was so happy to see your beautiful faces!! aha. and i love love the chinese dude at the end, aha! and yes, i can raise an eyebrow! school starts on wednesday for me.. im super scared. well, ill also do a post, soo i guess i should stop writing now.. lol. i love you! and im glad you loved Sundays at Tiffany'! i knew youd love it! :)

  2. I LOVE YOU! Good luck with school! You'll do great!