Sunday, August 15, 2010


Just thought I'd post a few pictures from my family vacation to Hawaii. We stayed at the Royal Kahana in Maui. It was amazing! I loved it! The first picture is from the Royal Lahaina Luau. The was awesome. I really enjoyed it. Buff, shirtless, Hawaiian men in hula outfits. What's not to love? It was quite entertaining. The next picture is at Dragon Teeth? If thats what its called? I was trying to be Rafikki holding up baby Simba because I adore the lion King. But I didn't have a baby lion handy so behold the sacred plastic water bottle. The third is our rental car liscence plate. No state in the continental U.S. has that sweet of a liscense plate. I'm jealous. And the last is just me and my sisters. We got greeted at the air port with leis! It was cool. I say Mac and katie should put a couple pics on from their vacations since I'm the only one whose actually updated this thing... haha.

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