Monday, March 28, 2011

Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices

Do you guys love me? You must! I tracked this down for you! I was telling Katie about how sometimes Cassie Clare does these character quesions on twitter where people ask questions about the characters and she answers them as the character. It's so awesome! (I'm the biggest nerd ever. haha) Well I was having trouble explaining it and I really wanted you guys to see it so I finally found this lovely link that has all of the questions she's ever done! So Enjoy!!! I will post anymore questions she does in the future. I dont want you gus missing out! haha. You need SOMETHING in American English to read. lol. Oh! And Mac, I showed these to Katie already but I don't know if you've seen them at all. They are Cassandra Clare's "cookies" that she posts on twitter every once and a while. So awesome! That last one is my favorite! lol. And Katie, I don't think I showed you all of these so read them all! Also there was this "Dirty Sexy Ally Scene" thing she posted. It was cut from the book trailer? I guess? Anyway its really weird and random but still sort of exciting. (Actually I'm tired of handcopying these URL's, if you wanna see it search DSAS From Cassandra Clare on youtube, its the VLCPhotoProductions one.) AND! If you got to you can find the seelie court scene from city of ashes from Jace's point on view. As of right now its in the first post (The one with the big picture.) So there you go! Now you are BOTH caught up. love you! And Your welcome! hehe. =] Oh, and PS, super sorry about the spacing. I hate blogspot. I'll color code stuff to make it more understandable.

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