Thursday, March 24, 2011


Just thought I'd catch you guys up on some things. haha.

So this video was the most viral video like last week or two weeks ago. I dont know why, the song is awful! But everytime someone mentions it the dang song get stuck in my head. And everybody always sings it! lol.

And this song isn't really that new so you might have heard it but I love it! haha. It's so fun to sing while blow drying your hair!

Also Justin Bieber has two new songs. Born to be Somebody and Next 2 You (Which he sings withChris Brown.) I know the "2" is annoying. Just like how the U in "U" Smile annoys me. What is with that? That like how middleschoolers write when they want to be cool. I dont even text like that! lol. Well, aside from that issue, the songs are good.

Glee has some original songs now! The best one is Loser Like Me. They sang it for sectionals.

hmmmm... what else? Oh!Lady Gaga has a new songs called Born This Way. I like it!

It would just be tragic if you came home and didn't recognize anything on the radio. lmao. Unless you just listen to Y98 cause theymostly play songs that were maybe popular in like 2001. Oh, and they play Hey Soul Sister. Alot. Possibly every 3rd song.

I would put links to all of these except Blogspot is dumb and it doesn't let me copy and paste and I'm too lazy to type out the all the URL's so yeah. Too bad so sad. =]

AND! The best for last! I got a new phone!! It's sooo cool! I can make Microsoft Word documents on it. Not that I would ever need to use that but it's nice to have just in case. haha.


  1. well, i definatly feel more culturally aware:) love these posts sam! and i saw glee! it was so gooood! well have to talk soon. i hope everything goes as planned for this skype session!!!!! wuv you both:)

  2. I havent watched them yet but I definately will! Sam I absolutely love your posts! Ok and about that stupid 2 in the song title. As soon as I read it my heart sank and then I read what you said haha Great minds think alike