Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Katie, just letting you know I might be a little late skyping on Thursday because music camp doesn't get out til 3.. Did I tell you I was a counciler this year? Well anyway, I usually don't get home until like 3:45-ish. I hope thats not too late! And I want to hear all about what you need to vent about! Love you! And Mac, we'll miss you on Thursday!

Oh, and just letting you know blogspot doesn't let me comment anymore. I dont, know why. It's really weird. And slightly infuriating.


  1. lol. okey dokey smokey! thatll be fine:) and can you believe mac comes home in 2 weeks!! crazyyy! lol! and i had that problem too for a little while but then it fixed itself so.. haha:) love you tooo guys!

  2. Ok Katie about your last post(17 stamps). I know. When she was putting them on I was like really? this is a freaking post office. You really don't have stamps bigger than 1 cedi???? As she took her time putting them on I like like OMG hurry up already!haha but another thing was that I decorated the same envelope thing that Sam sent me(but changed the adresses and stuff) so with both of our decorations it looked really nice! Like I took time on that thing and I got to the post office and she was like "uhh we don't allow you to tape or staple packages" Um what!? Ugg anyway I had to buy a new one. I hate the post office here. Like seriously, some days its just closed. Why? who the hell knows? I honestly don't understand how a government run business can just decide to be closed one day but it is. or some days they just have meetings that for some reason require the whole day and ALL the employees must go. its so weird. Oh wow this was long sorry for my rant haha

  3. hahaha! all i can say is its Ghana... ! lol! cause i have things like that here that can only be answered with - its Belgium... haha. it must have been annoying, but the package is super cool looking! haha! thanks for the drawing too! and sad about the one from Sam being thrown out.. your going home in like 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you believe it? i know i cant!!!! ahhhhhh!