Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hey guess what? I just saw the Hangover part 2! It wasn't as good as the first, but it still had some funny parts. It was also kind of disturbing.. haha. And it was the first ticket to a rated R movie that I ever bought myself. lol. I know, it was a huge milestone in my life. I'm so boring. haha. =]


  1. hahah! i find your milestones very interesting, Sam!!! but hey! thats exciting man!! i know i cant wait for us 3 to all go to the movies this summer and buy ourselves R rated movie tickets like we do it everyday! haha! :) mac comes home this weeeeeeeeeeek! :D

  2. Yahoo! Thats awesome sam! oh my katie can you believe it? Ill be home in two days! AHHHH! Sam get ready!!!!

  3. oh my goodnesss!! CRAZYYYYNESS! i cant wait until were all home again:)