Monday, November 1, 2010

Sam is Extrodinary

No matter what anyone says, Justin Bieber CAN actually sing. Not many kids can sing like that. Just throwing that out there... lol. I just thought that video was cute so I decided to share it with you guys. haha.

BTW his concert is a week from today, not that I'm counting down or anything. =]

Oh and guess what happened to me today!? I got rear ended! It scared the living pee outta me! I've only been driving for maybe 2 weeks and I already get hit. That would happen to me! haha.

P.S. I thought my title was widely acceptable by the diverse internet community. (Wow, don't I sound educated, lmao!)


  1. your right, Sam! that was pretty impressive! youll have to tell me all about the concert after you go! i hope you have a blastttt!! and oh man!! what?? you got rear ended! oh no!! that sucks, but its kinda funny too. ahaha. i love you Sambo! you better be more careful when you drive next time: i want you alive and well when i get home! ;) and i agree, you sounded pretty dang smart to me! ahaha! :) bisous! talk soon! K

  2. Hey! It wasn't my falt! He hit me! lol. I was sitting there waiting to turn into my neighborhood (with my blinker on) then all the sudden BAM! He said he was talking to someone in the back seat and wasn't paying attention. Some people are so stupid. haha. Serves him right because his car was the one with the damage. lol. I don't even suck at driving anymore! Which is a very good thing. =]