Sunday, October 31, 2010

We got some mad wii dancing skillz! Thats whats up.



  1. this is by far one of my FAVORITE videos!! aha! was it venture crew dance party night at the Neubert's??? looks like a blast!! and why oh why did Benjamin not dance?? aha! i heard you in the background, mister! there is no hiding from me ;) and Samantha! no! you didnt tell me about this new computer!! thats so exciting!! :) i love your guys dancing moves by the way! Melissa looked into it! :) love you guysss!

  2. Yea, it was after trunk or treat! We love that game! lol. And Ben wasn't there... He's lame and ditched trunk or treat. You probably heard Dan. He didn't dance either though. Love you too!

  3. Bahahahaha! Nice editing skills Sam! I cracked up like the whole time!