Monday, October 11, 2010

मिले क्य्रुस

Ok Have you guys seen this Miley Cyrus video?

She is now Ke$ha! Im so scared! If I was her dad, I would lock her in the basement.


  1. Ughh! That was weird. haha. That and Disney just don't mix. It's almost like there's a Disney Miley and a... real? Miley. And plus her songs are getting worse and worse! I usually like her songs but now they're starting to sound like everything else on the radio. Nothing stands out about them. I mean. that song had like 2 lyrics! lol.

  2. aha! i know right??? and i think if i was her father, i would have to bury her farther than the basement! ahah!

  3. Are we talking, like, bury her alive 6 feet under in a casket? Haha, well, if that's what it takes...