Sunday, October 10, 2010

Club Can't Hande Me

I can't stop listening to that song!! lol. Just thought I'd share that with you.

And by the way Justin Bieber is the only living fish in my sisters fish tank right now. All the rest of them are dead. (May they rest in peace.) But I knew he could do it, what a trooper! lmao.


  1. aha! wooo, Justin! i give him props! ;) and i looove this song too! its super catchy and perfect for dancin'! aha! and by the way, looove love to death the miss-spell for the title. aha!

  2. haha I dodn't even notice the misspelling! Thats so funny. But I like this song to. They played it at homecoming

  3. Omg! I didn't even notice! Sometimes I think my keyboard is out to get me. lmao. And yea! It's the perfect dancing song! One of the better ones they played! And Mac, post some homecoming pictures!