Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Imma beat you down with this bench!"

I FINALLY GOT MY LISENSE!! I'm pretty much ecstatic right now! I passed with an 81!

Oh, and I just watched The Titanic all the way through for the first time, and I LOVE IT! So much! Dude, Jack's a beast! He didn't take crap from anybody! I love how all those jerks were like "Stay back, stay back!" And he was all "You best move out my way or Imma beat you down with this bench I just ripped from the wall!" That's downright determination right there. Pretty dang epic if you ask me. haha. I'd be pretty mad too if some idiot told me I just had to sit there and drown while the freaking ship was sinking! Let's just say I'd probably go psychotic and anyone standing in my way may or may not end up unconsious. Ohhhh yea! I said it!

I can't believe I hadn't seen it til now. Man, was I missing out or what?!

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  1. ahahahha! i hadnt even realised you havent seen it until right now~ or else i would have made you watch it with me sometime! oh well, better late than never! and i know right??? Jack is pretty much amazing :) and by the way, i am sooo proud of you, Sam!!! now we can all drive and we can all meet up whenever we want!!! how fantastic!!!! :))))