Sunday, October 17, 2010

अलीना लेफ्ट

I made Judy check the blog so now we have her flag! Yahoo!

Alright, so this is the vlog from last week and Ill upload the one from this Wednesday tomorrow maybe.

Oh and sorry that we keep saying that its freezing up. For some reason my computer kept freezing but it didn't show up in the actual video. Weird.

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  1. aha! great video, guys! (as always) and Sam!! i love love that greasy hair girl story!! oh my gosh, you dont know how hard that made me laugh. my host sis thought i was INSANEEEE! but its all good in the neighborhood! and youll be happy to know that i DID say chicken butt when you asked me what was up! aha! dont you just love me more now?? :) yeah, i know it. lol! and YAY! we have the Swiss flag now! go Judy! and we also have a followerrr!!! its Amanda! lol! talk to ya guys soon! tell me how your princess trick or trunk is going! love you!! bye :)