Monday, January 31, 2011

Guess What!?

thats me and Riley eating breakfast in my kitchen!

I got out of school 2 hours early today because of ice! That hasn't happened in my district since like... elementry school! It's been a really nasty winter so far, and the worst is yet to come! We probably won't go back to school until thursday because we'll be snowed/iced in! I hope we don't lose our power, that would suck! Do you know what else is pretty lame?? I'm going to be going to school FAR too into the summer than my liking. I've already had like 5 snow days and by the end of this blizzard it will probably be 8. And Feburary just started!! INSANITY! And my school already goes later than everyone elses. Plus my district doesnt schedule any snow days into the school year like normal, SMART schools do. I know this doesn't affect you guys but you should still feel sorry for poor, little old me who hates winter. haha!
Guess what else!? I got the Iron QUEEN today!!! It's pretty good so far. I went to Borders to get it and they didn't even have it in their stores! But luckily trusty old Barnes and Noble is right across the street and had it. Except I didn't have a gift card to Barnes and Noble... but its all good. Totally worth it. lol.
Hmm... what else? Well, I guess I could tell you about all the fun me and Serina have on Wednesday nights! Jory and Grace come sometimes too! Maybe, if they don't call off SOS on Wednesday we'll make you guys a vlog! Last week me and Serina painted pictures for each other. Only hers was a lot cooler than mine cause it was in Japenese. Haha. Oh and last night was duck tape night at fly! (Oh dear... I mean't DUCT tape. haha wow Sam.) And guess who we taped to the wall!? Serina!! lol, it was pretty funny!
Geeze this post is a lot longer than I meant it to be. Sorry you have to read 50 bajillion paragraphs about nothing. But if you don't read the whole thing, shame on you! One last thing! I made a replica of my house on sims and it looks exactly like my house! It's awesome. But also somewhat pathetic that I had the free time to do that. We had a lot of snow days okay!?! lol. But anyways tell me if this room looks familiar to you. Miss you guys and I love you!!
P.S. The spacing of the paragraphs is REALLY annoying me but it won't let me fix it!


  1. ahahah! your stories are never boring Sam! and i DO feel sorry for you! staying in school while the rest of us are out in the beautiful summer air! ahhh... ahahha. but this year, mac and i will like come and eat lunch with you everyday, so its all good;) and SO JEALOUS you have the iron Queen. lame me, and my books having to be translated... lol. but cool about you and serina and your sims house!! and if i forget anything, ill just comment again! hahah! love you tooo guys. looveee always. :)

  2. Parkway south has had a lot of snow days too! crazy! I'm super jealous that i missed duct tape night! haha well im glad things are going good!

  3. Oh and that sims house is amazing!!! Its just like yours!

  4. I can't wait for you to read the iron queen, katie! So we can discuss! And did you read the Iron King yet mackenzie? And thanks I was quite proud of my sims house. haha.

  5. lol! itll be great when we can all catch up on it togther!! and i knooow! i want to read it sooo bad... but its not here yet :( lol! go sams sim house! wooot! :)