Friday, February 11, 2011


I have to take the ACT tomorrow.... ugh. I'm kinda not feeling so confident. And that means I have to miss skating with the VC tonight cuz it goes till 11. lame!! I really hope I don't zone out during the test because it seems like something I would do on a test that long. haha. Wish me luck!


  1. oh man, Sam, you have my sympathies. hahah! but no, serisoulsy, your going to do fantastic and dont stress it. you can always take it again and just do your best. i love you and ill be thinking about you!! and laaamesauce about missing skating! but its the "responsible" thing to do. ;) love ya. tell me how it goes later. bisous!

  2. Haha thanks. I really really hope I get at least a 20!

  3. i bet you will! let us know when you get your results!!! :)