Tuesday, February 22, 2011


guess what you guys??

im going to London this weekend! cool, huh? lol! another American friend of mine had found tickets and we just decided to go! haha. it was so last minute, it wasn't even funny, but hey! why not, right?? ;) when in Europe.... ;)

just wanted to share my excited news for this weekend!! hope you guys are doing amazing:)

talk soon, lots of love


  1. hahaha ok at first I thought this post was by sam and I was like WHAT!?!?! hahaha It makes a little more sense for someone in Belgium to have xtra tickets though. haha Have an awesome time!

  2. WHAT!? Why are you so international?? I've never even been outiside the US. lol. No fair! You better post pictures you lucky duck!

  3. hhahahahah! no worries girlies:) love you pics soon:)