Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Day Without Shoes

Did you guys know that today was TOMS no shoes day? I was always mad because it's always on a week day when we have school. So I didn't think I could do it because I thought I couldn't walk around school with no shoes. But it turns out someone talked to our principal and convinced him to allow no shoes. I don't know how they did it because my principle is all wack. haha. So there was a bunch of people walking around with out shoes! It was awesome! AND! I get City of Fallen Angels today! But I have to wait for mi madre to get home because she has a 30% off coupon. I like to save money, but I hate waiting! AHHHH! I hope Barnes and Noble doesn't sell out before 6:30 because now that Borders closed we only have ONE book store! UNO!! PORQUE!?! lol. I'm in a Spanish mood today. Love you guys!


  1. For some reason blogspot doesn't let me separate my posts into paragraphs. It's mucho annoying.

  2. oh my gosh Sam, THATS AMAZING:) i was thinking of risking it, but i decided against it. theyre super more strict about things like that here.. lol. i didnt want to be like expelled or something! hahaha! did you join them? :) and im SO JEALOUS!!!! lol! next time we talk (which by the way should be like today, but it probably wont be in time to skype with Mac:( ) youll have to read it to me!! hahaha! im so desperate to read it, BUT i read somewhere that its from Simons POV, which if its true, would bore me to tears. lol, even with his new vampire status. lol and sorry for like the novel length comment here. lol. wooo embrace your spanish skills girlie and i know, its heartbreaking about borders:/ but hopefully we´ll come to love BAN, but i doubt it. hahahaha. love you guys too:) and i want more posts from MAC;)