Monday, April 11, 2011

Jump and Shoot

Serina! I was so proud of her! We sang Justin Bieber to helpher get across. lol.
Venture crew went to Beaumount this weekend for shooting and high/low ropes course! I only came Saturday night so I could do the high ropes course on Sunday! But it was still really fun! I'm getting better at the high ropes, I was only scared at the end when you have to get on your stomach. I hate that part. It's so painful for me! Except I decided I hate the challenge course. I realized I have trust issues. lol. You know the one with the giant wall where people have to lift you over? Yeah, well for some reason that one really freaked me out. I was soooo scared that I refused to finish. Which is weird because I've done it before last summer at confir camp with no problem. Well, anyway, on saturday night we watched The Italian Job on the projector outside and I didn't even fall asleep this time! And you know the bathrooms by the horse stables? Yeah, well we had to use those and guess what? There were bajillions of wasps and bees in there. It took me a good 10 minutes to go in there. And even then Serina and Savannah had to push me in and protect me. haha. I hate bugs!

Also! Mackenzie, I got the bracelet (brain fart, I can't remember how to spell bracelet? braclet?) and the necklace! I love them! Thank you so much! =]


  1. im a little jealous. i kinda wish i had been able to go

  2. Same! It sounds amazing! I love hearing about your adventures Sam! :)

  3. You should have gone Jory!!! And Katie, you know whats more exciting than my adventures? YOURS! So you should blog about you new and exciting Belgian adventures. lol =]

  4. i had work tho sam:/ and i totally agree with sam i wanna hear more about your belgian adventures

  5. Sam! My dad said you were super beast on the ropes course! and I agree with you. Katie blog.